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The Lighthouse International Film Society is the film festival's sister organization, bringing  you cutting-edge, award-winning films to enjoy all year long.  

   Mark your calendars, buy your pass for the 15th Annual Lighthouse International Film Festival June 7-11, 2023

Here's what happening now. 



THURSDAY, March 23

7:30 p.m.

Ship Bottom Firehouse

2006 Central Ave, Ship Bottom, NJ

ADMISSION: $10 online/$12 door

(Free to LIF Society members)

LET IT BE MORNING is the story of Sami  a Palestinian-born Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem who receives an invitation to his brother’s wedding forcing him to return to the Arab village where he grew up. After the wedding finishes, with no explanation, Sami's hometown is put under a military blockade lockdown by the Israeli government. When chaos erupts overnight amongst the villagers stuck behind the wall due to the blockade, Sami is cut off from the outside world and trapped in an unexpected situation. As he deals with questions about his own identity and hidden secrets are revealed, Sami watches everything he holds dear begin to fall apart. 

LET IT BE MORNING is a film about a state of siege, both internal and external – centered around a man who has built a wall around his heart, and how that inner wall starts coming apart when an actual, real wall goes up around his hometown.  Director Eran Kolirin employs a distinctly dry sense of humor to underline the absurdities of life in modern-day Israel.


Written and directed by award-winning Israeli filmmaker Eran Kolirin (The Band’s Visit), and adapted from the international best-selling novel, Let It Be Morning  by Palestinian author Sayed Kashua.

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