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Are you ready to ignite your passion for film and propel your career forward? Dive into the dynamic world of international film festivals with our exclusive internship opportunities!

If you dream of making waves in social media/marketing, crave hands-on experience in hospitality or event planning or have a flair for journalism and communications, look no further – we want you to join our team!

Our international film festival provides students with an unparalleled chance to go beyond the silver screen, acquiring invaluable skills while rubbing shoulders with industry insiders and filmmakers themselves.


Aligned with high schoolers and university students alike, including distinguished alumni from esteemed institutions like the Fashion Institute of Technology, Stockton and New York University, our internships are designed to elevate your professional trajectory.

Whether your passion lies in filmmaking, social media management, marketing strategies, event coordination or communications, our festival beckons you.


Or send your resume here!


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